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Privacy Policy
Nemoto Kyorindo has established and follows
the following policy concerningthe protection of personal information
1. Compliance with laws and ordinances

In handling personal information, Nemoto Kyorindo complies with laws, related ordinances, and guidelines stipulated by responsible cabinet ministers concerning the protection of personal information and this privacy policy and acquires, uses, and manages personal information in a lawful manner.

2. Use of personal information

Nemoto Kyorindo specifies the purposes of using personal information and when we use personal information, it will be within the range of the objective indicated when it acquired the personal information.

3. Providing to third parties

Except where recognized by law as an exception, Nemoto Kyorindo does not provide personal information entrusted to it to any third party other than joint users indicated when the personal information is acquired without the prior consent of the individual.

4. Disclosure, Correction, Etc.

When an individual desires the disclosure, revision, or erasure of their own personal information or the termination of introduction of products or services or there is a complaint, Nemoto Kyorindo complies quickly based on the stipulations of law.

5. Safe Information Management Measures

Nemoto Kyorindo works to accurately maintain and manage personal information entrusted to it and takes necessary and appropriate safety management measures to prevent the loss, miscommunication, unauthorized access, forging, virus infection, destruction etc. of that personal information.

6. In-Company Organization

Nemoto Kyorindo has built an internet organization for protecting personal information entrusted to it and works continuously to maintain and improve this organization by such means as maintaining internal regulations and thoroughly disseminating them to employees.

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