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Managing contrast medium scanning information uniformly and leading to advanced medical solutions

Are you manually recording the imaging conditions set for the injector device, the injection pressure profile, as well as image scanning information, and patient information then entering it into a computer? With the CE Enhance, this information is networked, so it can be freely customized, centralized, and managed uniformly. By referencing accurate image scanning information, this system meets the needs of hospitals for improved image interpretation performance and the prevention of operation mistakes.

Advantages of introducing the CE Enhance

E Reduces the time and effort for entering image scanning information and statistical processing.
E When the image is interpreted, the image scanning information can be referenced, which improves image interpretation performance.
E Past imaging conditions can be referenced, making possible imaging with improved repeatability.
E Contrast agent administration can be managed in the same way as radiation exposure is managed.
E Data can be stored as proof of medical treatment.
E Working for uniform management can contribute to reducing treatment mistakes

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