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mission statement
The words from our customers are our secret to success.
@What are indispensable for the continued progress of contrast agent injectors are the voices of our customers, the "creative capacity" for realizing them, and the "technological prowess" for turning them into reality. Japan's radiologists and radiology technicians are constantly thinking about their patients, asking questions such as "Why do we put in this amount of contrast agent?" and "How much burden does this examination place on the patient?" These voices from our customers are out secret to success. We strive to develop products that can meet this passion. We will continue to listen closely to these voices of our customers and use our "creative capacity" and "technological prowess" to readily deliver our customers products that they can use with confidence.
Our attitude is to do much more than just make machines.
@Product functions and injection methods are designed based on the needs of customers as well as to the latest information from academic societies and research. Our company employees do not just make products. We understand how the products are used, what type of contribution they make, ask ourselves challenging questions such as "why is this function necessary" and strive for perfect quality. We also think that we have only succeeded in providing superior products when we have good service for our products. Post sale service is crucial for customers to use with real confidence. We listen directly to what they say, explain everything so that they have no doubts, and set ourselves to always provide support quickly so that there are no disruptions at the clinical site.
We aim for products recognized by clinical agencies world-wide.
@With the evolution of diagnostic equipment accelerating, image scanning has come to require continually advancing technology. We support research on imaging, keep our antennas up for the latest technology and engineering and work to provide staff at clinical sites with information they need to understand product development. Looking at imaging as a whole, starting from the design stage, we look at the path that leads to future progress and the products needed to support. For medical equipment, it is crucial that staff at the clinical site can use it easily and comfortably. Comprehensive design for intuitive operation also leads to improved safety. Furthermore, during the examination, image scanning equipment is the closest medical equipment to the patient. We believe it is equally important that our equipment has a friendly and pleasant look so that patients can relax and complete the examination without fear. The basic concepts for Nemoto Kyorindo products are "to have a good design sense, to be usable with confidence, and to operate reliably and accurately". - Aiming for products recognized by clinical agencies world-wide. This is our dream at Nemoto Kyorindo. There are many difficult factors to realizing the dream of "contrast agent injectors from Nemoto Kyorindo being used worldwide". Factors such as, differences in body type, differences in the shape of imaging equipment, differences in how different sites perform examination, however without such a dream, great products would not be born. We are always working on the development of new contrast agent injectors and will continue to contribute to medical treatment and good health for many years to come.
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