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  • Name in English
    Nemoto Kyorindo co., Ltd.
  • Founded
    January 1939
  • Headquarter
    Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo,113-0033,Japan +81-(0)3-5427-1903
  • Capitalization
    10 million yen
  • President
    Shigeru Nemoto
  • Number of employees
  • Lines of busines
    Research, planning and development, design, sales, installation, maintenance service,
    and export of medical equipment
    (for injector devices, catheters, winged needles etc. for X-ray CT, for vascular imaging, and for MRIs)
  • Transaction bank
    Risona Bank, Hongo Branch; Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, Kasugacho Branch;
    Mizuho Bank, Hongo Branch; Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Koishikawa Branch
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